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Clash Royale Hack Tool 2017 – Free Gems

If you are looking to get yourself more gems & gold for the game called Clash Royale, you have found the right blog! You can use our free online tool or cheat engine that will allow you to choose how many clash Royale gems and gold that you want using our uniquely coded program.


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Features of our Clash Royale Hack

  • Ability to use in Android or iOS smartphones. Also works well with Bluestacks program for PC.
  • No need to use proxy.

About Clash Royale

Clash Royale is an original card game where the point of the game is to defeat your opponent in two minutes or less. There are tons of cards in the game and each card represents different spells, buildings and troops that you deploy when you battle. Your goal is then to create a strong army with your cards. You can win cards in battle or you can trade them with other players in your clan. Game can be downloaded here.

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Clash Royale is a game very similar to clash of clans. The objective is to destroy all three towers. The picture above shows how the game can be very similar to a mobile action strategy game similar to hearthstone. Each tower that gets destroyed wins crowns, which once you get 10 allows you to get the “clash royale crown chest”. This chest offers gems, coins, and valuable rare or epic cards. In the chance that you do win a match, you can win a super magical chest, but the chances of that happening is very rare. The most likely chest to win is the silver chest, while the gold chest is somewhat rarer to get. Chests such as the magical chest and the giant chest offer a chance to receive epic cards that allow your card deck to get stronger.

clash royale hack 2017
These cards target the towers and will not attack anything else. Their health is also very high, so it is very challenging to kill them. These cards can be played in a strategic way to allow you to get close to a tower while not letting your other minions get attacked. The higher you level up these types of cards, the more health and attack damage they receive. The more games you play, the more cards you receive. Once you reach the card goal listed on a champ, you can upgrade them to the next level.

The Trophy Highscore System

There is a highscore system within individuals and also clans. Each time you win a game, you receive around 30 trophies and if you lose a game, you lose around 20 trophies. The more trophies you have, the more likely you are able to unlock the next arena. Trophies will also help you get into more popular clans. If you go over 3000 trophies, you are able to go into the legendary arena, which few have done. It is very important not to lose trophies often, because you can lose access to the arena you were last in. Our hack allows you to win every game by providing adding gold and gems to get the rare epic cards. The cheats program will provide you with faster elixir speedhack and more. One of the top clash royale hack 2017 that exists today.

The clash royale hack works without jailbreak and does not need a rooted phone. This tool can be used with bluestacks and other PC devices. Some alternatives such as “ifunbox” can be used to connect your phone to your computer. If you are looking for a cheats tool that can run on Mac or OSX, I recommend trying out our new program coming out next month. The game servers will also be released soon. Please do not trust other sites as they have tried using our programs maliciously.