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Clash Royale Hack – Free Gems for Android and iOS

  • 9/26/2016: Clash of clans hack 2017 has been updated to make sure no changes in detection are read by program.
  • 7/28/2016: Supercell has updated their clash royale coding. New cheat will be on in few days. Please be patient. We are still leaving this tool as free with no survey involved.
  • 7/5/2016: The gem hack tool was updated to fix the crashing issues some users had for iOS. Recent algorithm has also been updated to remain undetected. Please contact us if you come across any other issues. Thank you.
  • 6/19/2016: Summary of the clash royale hacker tool has been update. Program has also been updated by Elitepvpers devs to make sure the tool still worked.
  • 6/11/2016: The clash royale hack apk download was just released by top hacking sites. It will be released on HackClashRoyaleGuide soon. The new hack is clash royale hack no survey included.
  • 6/9/2016: The clash royale hack tool v4.2 was just updated. There were a few errors in the loading screen, but the devs have fixed the problems.

If you are looking to get yourself more gems & gold for the game called Clash Royale, you have found the right blog! You can use our free online Clash Royale Hack or Clash Royale Cheats that will allow you to choose how many clash Royale gems and gold that you want using our uniquely coded program. We are providing the generator in a very user-friendly interface that will allow you to quickly get your in-game resources. Please watch the Youtube video above to get an idea of how the cheats we develop work. By having these extra resources you will be able to enjoy the popular game app for IOS and Android. You will be able to dominate your enemies and win every match you play. You never have to lose your games again when you use this hack tool. Our Clash Royale cheat works for all supported devices: iPhone, iPad, Android and your PC. The focus on the tool is that it is easily usable for users and that you can quickly generate your gems and gold without having to pay real money. Use our tool, beat your enemies and climb up the trophy system. This will change your player stats and let you become the top player in the highscores! Do you believe think that those are at the top of the leaderboards did so without having to spend thousands of real dollars on gems & gold. No, they probably spent thousands of real currency to get there. That is a lot of money to spend on a game, which is why we have released our Clash Royale Gem Hack. This is for people who cannot afford to waste money for a mobile game. No one likes playing pay to win games and only losing because of not being able to afford in game purchases for gems and gold. That is why tools like these exist in 2016. They are designed to make the player experience more enjoyable for everyone, rather than the few.

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clash royale gems hack

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Features of our Clash Royale Hack

  • Ability to use in Android or iOS smartphones. Also works well with Bluestacks program for PC.
  • No need to use proxy.
  • Almost instant. You can connect using a usb cable or bluetooth if your computer allows it.
  • We have been rated for the “top most trusted in game hacks” by CNET.
  • Updates are given weekly to make sure the tool remains unpatched for our users.

About Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a highly competitive strategy game developed by the popular game creators: Supercell, which are the makers of the most popular games on the Google Play Store. Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game implementing popular Clash of Clans characters in a mobile strategy game. The game’s idea is that players fight to bring down each others base. Over time, you will build up your deck. The stronger your cards, the more likely you will win the battle. The goal is to defeat your opponent while still defending your own three bases. It is a card-based game, but not like the ones you have heard of. Clash Royale is an original card game where the point of the game is to defeat your opponent in two minutes or less. There are tons of cards in the game, ranging from regular to epic cards. Each card represents different spells, buildings and troops that you deploy when you battle. Your goal is then to create a strong army with your cards. You can win cards in battle or you can trade them with other players in your clan. They can however also be bought from the Clash Royale marketplace every Sunday. There’s different rarity cards: Common, Rare and Epic. You are going to want to maintain these cards really well, build a strong battle deck with them, and win every match that is played. Game can be downloaded here.

Resources in the game

In Clash Royale you will find yourself needing these resources to make your deck powerful:

Gold: Used for buying cards on sale, looking through multiplayer battles, and upgrading your cards to a higher level.

Gems: Can be used for unlocking chests such as Magical and Giant chests, buying more gold, buying cards, skipping the waiting time for opening of chests and not having to wait hours to upgrade.

Elixir: Goes down during battle. The more elixir you have, the more troops you can send to your opponent. I would recommend that you get the elixir collector card and upgrade it to max level so you never run out of elixir.

Gameplay Screenshots

clash royale trophy hack

Clash Royale is a game very similar to clash of clans. The objective is to destroy all three towers. The picture above shows how the game can be very similar to a mobile action strategy game similar to hearthstone. Each tower that gets destroyed wins crowns, which once you get 10 allows you to get the “clash royale crown chest”. This chest offers gems, coins, and valuable rare or epic cards. In the chance that you do win a match, you can win a super magical chest, but the chances of that happening is very rare. The most likely chest to win is the silver chest, while the gold chest is somewhat rarer to get. Chests such as the magical chest and the giant chest offer a chance to receive epic cards that allow your card deck to get stronger. As I said before, these chests are very hard to get unless you buy them with currency. Clash royale is pay to win mobile game, which is very typical of games that have gems and gold. Epic cards are very hard to come by unless you purchase them. Each clash royale arena has a minimum trophy requirement that you will need to have to play in that specific arena. Once you pass that trophy requirement, you are able to go into the next arena. Once you reach an arena, the card decks for that arena are unlocked. The more arenas you unlock, the stronger card deck you receive. Try out our clash royale hack tool for the best experience in the game. Using our hack tool gives you a higher chance of getting legendary cards as you will be allowed to buy a lot of super magical chests which will result in a chance to unlock many legendary cards in the arena you are in.


The image above shows that the Giant is a very strong rare card and is easy obtainable. Cards such as “Giant” and “Giant Skeleton” are very good cards to play in a game. These cards target the towers and will not attack anything else. Their health is also very high, so it is very challenging to kill them. These cards can be played in a strategic way to allow you to get close to a tower while not letting your other minions get attacked. The higher you level up these types of cards, the more health and attack damage they receive. The more games you play, the more cards you receive. Once you reach the card goal listed on a champ, you can upgrade them to the next level.

The Trophy Highscore System

There is a highscore system within individuals and also clans. Each time you win a game, you receive around 30 trophies and if you lose a game, you lose around 20 trophies. The more trophies you have, the more likely you are able to unlock the next arena. Trophies will also help you get into more popular clans. If you go over 3000 trophies, you are able to go into the legendary arena, which few have done. It is very important not to lose trophies often, because you can lose access to the arena you were last in. Our hack allows you to win every game by providing adding gold and gems to get the rare epic cards. The clash royale cheats program will provide you with faster elixir speedhack and more. One of the top clash royale hack 2016 that exists today. I recommend that you join clans that have at least 20,000+ in trophy count because they contain members that are usually more charitable than others with less trophies. The higher you go up in trophies, the more strategic you have to be. There are many different decks that players can try out and many websites offer different variations for the arena one is in. The best advice I can give is try making your own deck and see if it works. If it does not, switch some cards around and try again. Once you start winning with a deck, keep using the deck until there is at least three match losses.

Clash Royale Cheats Hack Tool Tutorial for v4.2

1. Enter your username you use in the game.
2. Choose your device platform and region you live in.
3. Select the amount of resources(Gems, Gold & Elixirs) that you need.
4. Click on the start button. This uses a cheat engine that does not use jailbreak or cydia. It works for both iOS and Android. No human verification is needed and no offer or activation code is required.

The clash royale hack works without jailbreak and does not need a rooted phone. This tool can be used with bluestacks and other PC devices. Some alternatives such as “ifunbox” can be used to connect your phone to your computer. If you are looking for a cheats tool that can run on Mac or OSX, I recommend trying out our new program coming out next month. Clash royale hacked servers will also be released soon. Please do not trust other sites as they have tried using our programs maliciously.