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About is a website with the sole purpose of allowing players to obtain gems and coins in Clash Royale app for android or iOS. The main reason for starting this blog is to help players on their journey in this amazing mobile game. We truly believe that the game is much better when played with resources. Therefore, we came up with this way for you to generate gems. We truly believe that when you have a lot of gems in the game, everything gets more fun and exciting. There’s less time spent waiting, and more time spent dominating! That’s how we like it! There’s seriously no reason why the gamers with a big aptitude for money should win over the gamers that do not want to spend money on a mobile app.

We’re a team consisting of 10 Clash Royale Gamers. We’ve been doing game hacks for years, and when we started playing Clash Royale we decided it would be super awesome if we could come up with a hack for Clash Royale. We are here to stay.