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Clash of Clans Hack Information

Clash royale hack can be run without jailbreak or cydia. If you are looking for a clash royale hack mod, then we provide the cheats tool in apk format. This hack can be run in any country including India, Indonesia, and Philippines. This hack does require ios 9 or the latest android update to run.

I recommend using Virustotal to check if any hacks are safe.


Strategic Deck

To win in clash royale, the game requires you to have a strong deck that implements strategic moves that can end the match very quickly. The more time the match is, the harder for you to end the game and winning without your opponent taking your three bases down. There are multiple decks that can be used to win. Epic card decks involving the Giant Skeleton seems to cause the largest win rate, with the Giant card being second.


Make sure to join a class that will give you cards when you request it. You can request around ten cards daily. Having a huge clan where the members will give you the cards you requested quickly will help you level up your deck quickly. Also, it is good to give cards that you do not use back to some clan members do you do not get kicked out. Using the friendly battle system with your clan members will also be good practice to how your deck stands without dropping in trophy count. It is recommended that you try out a new deck in the clan before trying it out competitively.